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The experience behind your next real estate rebate agency

Real Estate Rebate


The year 2005 was the peak of the boom market. A college senior at the time, Khalil El-Ghoul knew that real estate was an industry that needed some major updates. The industry was ripe with corruption and antiquated business practices; business was conducted the same way it was conducted 50 years earlier. Khalil, more interested in technology than real estate brokerage, received his Real Estate license with the goal of fundamentally changing the way people buy homes.

Real Estate Rebate


As an agent for a local real estate company, Khalil launched the "first of its kind" Realtor Rebate program for buyers, specializing in new construction homes. Khalil was featured on NBC News, The Washington Post, and many more media outlets as “The Future of Real Estate” for his progressive real estate model. 

Real Estate Rebate


Rebates for everyone! Khalil received his Real Estate Broker License and began his own Real Estate Brokerage firm, Glass House Real Estate. With Glass House, all home buyers were eligible for Realtor Rebates, simply for beginning the home buying process on their own. Khalil was ranked in the top 25 Buyer Agents in the entire D.C. Market, out of 12,000 agents.

Real Estate Rebate


Glass House has expanded to include four full-time agents. The company has sold over $50 million in real estate and rebated their clients over $1 million in 2013 alone. Over 50% of Glass House Real Estate sales were referrals from previous clients!

With Glass House, you get paid for buying a home