Buying a Toll Brothers new construction home and customizing everything from flooring, hardware, paint color, and additional rooms is exciting!

However, purchasing a custom home is a complex task, and it's crucial that before you move forward with this ambitious project, you are clear on the details of becoming a custom home owner. 

Buying a Toll Brothers Home

This article will dive into what to expect when buying a Toll Brothers Home after signing the contract. 

Glass House Real Estate has worked with the Northern Virginia Toll Brothers communities for nearly 20 years and has compiled a tremendous amount of information from them, allowing us to share this with you.

Within Seven Days of Contract Signing

After signing the contract, you have seven days to notify Toll Brothers of any change of necessary options. 

Changes after seven days are not permitted.

Within the First Month of Signing Your Contract

Three steps happen one week after signing your Toll Brothers contract.


Per your contract's guidelines, a mortgage application with Toll Brothers Mortgage must be no less than 14 days after signing the Agreement of Sale. 

The mortgage application is waived for homebuyers signing a Cash Sale Endorsement as part of the agreement.

Exterior Colors

If you have not previously done so, be sure to select your exterior home color.


During this time, Toll Brothers will periodically send surveys to ensure you are satisfied with their service. The first survey you will receive is the Agreement of Sale Survey.

Within Month Two and Three of Signing Your Contract

During the second and third months following the contract signing, you will have several meetings with the Sales Team and appointments with various teams.

Structured Wiring Appointment

A representative of Audio Buys will contact you to review the locations you have chosen for telephone and cable outlets.

At this time, you can discuss wiring options for surround sound, security system, or any other wiring you may require. 

Toll Brothers will send you the Security Agreement in the event you choose to purchase a security system.

Electrical Appointment

After finalizing at Audio Buys, you will meet with the Sales Team to review your electrical options.

Design Studio Appointment

The Design Studio will grant you access to the Design Studio Matterport, video tutorial, and Design Studio portal. You will work directly with the Design Studio to set up your appointments with them, and there will be several.

Toll Landscape

You will need to reach out to the Landscape Designer; you will be given the contact information. You must request additional hardscape requests such as sunroom, deck, or patio within 90 days of signing the Agreement of Sales.

Construction Kick-off Meeting

After completing these meetings, you will meet with the Construction and Sales Teams to review the construction process. At this time, you will go over your chosen options and your site plan.

The following will occur once construction begins. Time varies, and the Sales Team will keep you apprised of the progression of your home. 

Midway Construction Meeting

Before your drywall is installed, you will have an appointment with the Construction Management Team. You will review the placement of your structured wiring, plumbing, and electrical sections. This meeting will also be the hard deadline for selecting a tile company.

Home Orientation

The Sales Team will contact you for your home orientation. Your home orientation will occur one week before closing; this will be the first time you see your completed new home! 

Closing Walk-Through

At the closing walk-through, the construction manager is available to answer any questions you may have on this final walk-through.


During closing, the transfer of ownership from Toll Brothers to you happens. 

Post-Settlement Reminder

You will be reminded to have your home tested for radon within two months after closing.

Northern Virginia Toll Brothers Communities

Toll Brothers Northern Virginia communities have options for every homebuyer from smaller townhomes to large single-family homes. Below are some of Toll Brothers' top communities.

The Retreat at McLean & Mehr Farm: McLean, Virginia

Arden: Great Falls, VA

The Carolinas at Lenah Mill: Aldie, VA

Metro Walk at Moorefield Station: Ashburn, VA

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