cleaning-268126_960_720.jpgWhen your home is on the market it's important for it to look it's absolute best at all times. Buyers will find a clean and organized home more appealing. They won't be distracted by a strange smell in the kitchen or a scuff on the master bedroom wall. By executing a deep clean of your home before you put it on the market, it will make it easier to maintain between showings. Here are some step by step tips on how to deep clean your home when it's for sale!


Step by Step Deep Cleaning Guide For Your Home

Clean All The WindowsScreen Shot 2017-01-25 at 11.43.16 AM.png

  1. Remove screens, place them on a clean & waterproof surface
  2. Use a hose to gently clean the screens then scrub each with a soft brush
  3. Polish window glass (*mix a solution of part white vinegar, eight parts water — add a drop or two of dishwashing liquid)


Clear Out Your Refrigerator

  1. Check drop tray underneath the fridge
  2. Wash out any standing water from defrosting
  3. Scrub the inside of the fridge with baking soda and water
  4. Use activated charcoal in the fridge to avoid future odors


curb_appeal.pngOutside of The Home & Garage

  1. Wipe down the front door
  2. Shake out the doormat and vacuum 
  3. Clean off outdoor furniture of dust and dirt 
  4. Use a pressure washer and wash driveway and garage floor
  5. oil, rust and grease stains can be removed with dark cola drinks (the acid)


Deep Clean All Bathrooms

  1. Use a Wet/dry vac to suck out contaminants from grout
  2. clean tile floors with your usual cleaner
  3. quarter cup baking soda and vinegar down the drains and leave overnight — flush in the morning with boiling water
  4. Before you begin cleaning the shower, turn on the hot water for a couple of minutes in order to loosen the dirt and grime. *To keep the shower clean every day, use a tub or tile spray cleaner after each person showers. This will keep the walls clean and bright without extra deep regular cleanings.
  5. Clean off soap scum from plastic shower curtains by putting them into the washer on gentle in cold. Use detergent and 1/2 cup vinegar as cleaning solution.If mildew is on the curtains add bleach instead of vinegar! Also be sure to put large towels in for scrubbing purposes.
  6. Use a small amount of your favorite scented cleaner and drop it into your toilet bowls each night before you go to sleep. This will make sure that every morning each bathroom will smell great!


Bedroom and Living Room Cleaningcleaning_home.png

  1. Vacuum your mattress and box springs
  2. Dust and vacuum lamp shades and curtains throughout the home
  3. Rotate and flip mattress
  4. Vacuum and rotate also for removable furniture cushions throughout the bedroom (and living room spaces).
  5. Wash or dry clean dust ruffles and mattress pads
  6. Shake lump comforters vigorously to redistribute stuffing 

Wash The Walls

  1. Use a mixture of general purpose cleaner diluted with hot water to clean the walls with a mop
  2. Start the top corner of the wall to avoid dripping! Be sure not to press too hard
  3. Rinse the mop head frequently in clean water 

General Tips For Keeping a Home Clean Throughout The Sales Process

  • Your best air fresheners and candles are the ones that smell CLEAN. 
  • Decluttering is the best way for a home to look neat, clean and organized. Do this first before starting your deep clean project.
  • Buy floor mats and use rugs at every entryway to avoid dirt and scuff build up.
  • Use microfiber clothes rather than regular cleaning rags. 
  • Get your carpets professionally cleaned before starting to show your home.
  • Don't forget to clean baseboards! Wipe with a wet rag all around each room.


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