Senior couple meeting financial adviser for investment.jpegChoosing an agent to help you list and sell your home is the first step in your home selling process. The right agent will help you sell your home faster and for more money, while communicating everything with you along the way. With a listing agent, you will sign an agreement for a fixed period of time and your agent then has the responsibility of getting your home sold. Here are some tips and important considerations for first time sellers when choosing a listing agent. 

4 Tips for Choosing The Best Listing Agent 


Choose a Local Real Estate Agent

Finding an agent that has experience and knowledge about your local market is very important. You want someone who has built a network in your area and knows how the market operates. Whether they grew up in the area or have been working in it for years, being local means that they will know other agents, prospective buyers and have relationships that will help you with a smooth selling process. Try finding someone who has sold homes in your area in the past and who advertises that they are focused in your community or neighborhood. 

Glass House agents are local to the Northern Virginia area. Neighborhoods within areas such as Arlington, Fairfax, Vienna, Tyson’s Corner and Ashburn are where they have the most local experience. Contact Khalil today to talk about selling your Northern Virginia home!


Find an Agent With Experience

While this may seem like a no-brainer, finding an agent with experience really does matter for the sale of your home. Agents who have sold many homes in your neighborhood or town with a good reputation and track record should be first on your list. You’ll want an agent that has the knowledge of recent sold homes in your local market. They will have experience with local buyers and will have a network of people in the area that they can reach out to to help sell your home fast. An experienced agent will understand how best to market your home and know what really works and what not to waste time on. 

Khalil El-Ghoul has been selling and buying homes in the DC Metro Area since 2005. His experience in VA, MD and DC as the “modern real estate company” has helped him sell 139 homes in 2016 alone. Talk with Khalil today about selling or buying a home in DC, VA or MD. 


Consider The Agent’s Personality

When you first speak to an agent, you’ll start to get a feel for their personality. You want someone who you can trust to be honest and ethical. Sometimes an agent who is popular or has sold the most homes in your state may not be the best personality match for you - that’s okay. You want an agent that you can trust to represent your best interests. Their job is to serve you efficiently and effectively and you have to know that you are in good hands. Since you’ll be communicating with them a lot throughout the process, you should like them and enjoy talking with them! 


Ask For Referrals

The best way to find an agent is to get a referral from a friend, neighbor or family member. Ask around and get information on agents who have worked with people you know. Ask them questions about the agent and if they were happy with their service. Before reaching out directly to an agent, look online for their Yelp, Zillow, Trulia and Angie’s List reviews. You may start out with a whole list of options and narrow it down to just 2 or 3 before calling agents to talk directly. Once you do contact an agent, don’t be afraid to ask for other past client references that you can speak to about their experience. See Khalil El-Ghoul's reviews on Zillow here


Searching for the best listing agent in the DC Metro Area?

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