New Construction 3“Standard features” and “upgrades” in homes vary from builder to builder. Ask the builder for a specifications sheet that will detail everything that comes standard with your new home. Also ask for a list of upgrades or “upgrade packages” and their associated costs.

What Upgrades Are Worth Skipping When Building New Construction

Tip: If you have to be budget conscious, consider investing in upgrades that are expensive or near impossible to change in the future and then defer the other items until a later date. Here’s a list to consider.

Good investments

  • The right floor plan/elevation

  • Lot location

  • Square footage

  • The best bones in a kitchen such as island, tall cabinets, and good lighting; you can upgrade appliances and counters later

  • Structural options

Skip or defer

  • Crown molding outside of common areas or basements

  • Wood floors upstairs and/or bedrooms

  • High-end counters and appliances

  • Upgraded finishes in secondary baths

  • High-end fixtures

Questions about the New Construction home buying process?

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