architectural-design-architecture-daylight-1834739Do you want to sell your house? Well, first impressions matter. The curb appeal helps determine if buyers want to look at the inside of any listed home. Unfair or not, they make a snap judgment based on the exterior appearance of your home.

We’ve assembled a list of some curb appeal boosters you should consider. Some of these are DIY projects, and others require a pro's help.

Summer To Do List: Curb Appeal Boosters 

Meticulous Lawn Care

Most homeowners don't have a problem taking care of their lawn in summer. When you list your home for sale, it's imperative that the yard and gardens are in an optimal condition at all times.

Start by weeding and feeding the lawn in the early parts of the season to control weeds and nourish the grass. Mow the yard at a specific height. Also, work on the pathway and driveway to get out the few strays of grass that creep over those areas.

Lush green lawn enables buyers to visualize their children running around the yard at playtime.

Tend to the Windows

After a hard winter, the exterior of your home can get a lot of dirt packed up on it. It's even worse around the windows. Cleaning the windows well adds to the overall beauty of your home, inside as well as out.

Also, check whether they need replacing or not. If they do, they'll add value to your property. Buyers love homes with new windows as it’s a “to-do” checked off their list.

Paint the Front Door

Often, our front door is the first thing people see about your house. It acts as a welcoming beacon to potential buyers and guest in your home. A fresh coat of paint works miracles in making your home more appealing.

However, a few painting tips will help your door blend in or stand out. Select the best design style or flex the rules, depending on your needs. If you're living in an older house, repainting the front door gives the entire home a fresh look.

Use classic shades like taupe, white, brown, and grey that will withstand the test of time. If you prefer a splash more of color, navy and classic reds will are classics that will appeal to a range of buyers.

Trim Trees and Shrubbery

Well-kept shrubs and trees will improve the visual appeal of your home.

Trim shrubbery at least twice per season to remove the dead, damaged, and unproductive branches. Trimming at the right season maximizes the blooming and natural color of these plants.

Prune any tree that drops messy pods or seeds. Make sure no tree branches are rubbing on the roof. While doing this, exercise caution to preserve the structural integrity, shape, appearance, and health of these trees.

For most homeowners, this is not a DIY; it's essential you hire a pro. With their skills, they'll be able to remove broken, unhealthy, low hanging, and infected branches from high profile trees around your lawn and other landscaped areas.

Stage Your Patio or Deck

People love entertaining outdoors in the summer. Consider staging your deck or patio as setting an outdoor living room. It becomes living space to the buyer.

If it appears you don't love spending time in your deck, your buyers will not want to either. Keep in mind that getting your patio in shape doesn't mean you install or upgrade every feature potential buyers may wish for—just set up the space you have to look clean and attractive.

When you list your property for sale, the key is to showcase the backyard potential—including the deck or patio-- to buyers. When working with a professional real estate agent, they will likely bring in an expert stager to help with setting up your entire home, including your patio!

Create a Welcoming Front Entry

Start by cleaning the porch of any dirt, scuffs, and stains. Choose the simple, seasonal decorations for your front porch. For instance, you can hang wreaths to welcome visitors to your house. If the area is large enough, include a small eating area.

The front entry curb appeal offers your home a chance to flirt with potential buyers. During the first lingering moments, the guests will take their time surveying the surrounding. A flawless porch with vibrant flowers will have the buyers smiling waiting for the next surprise in store for them.

In Summary

The National Association of Realtors in America intimates that 92 percent of potential homebuyers view the house for the first time on the internet. This statistic makes exterior home staging to boost your curb appeal even more essential in attracting those online shoppers.


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