New Construction 5The most successful negotiations are made when the buyer is armed with a comprehensive knowledge of relevant data. Glass House has taken the guesswork out of this process: our experts have compiled a list of questions that will address often overlooked information.

10 Questions You Should Always Ask Builders

  1. Are there special financing options?

  2. What are standard features and what are upgrades?

  3. When is payment due for upgrades?

  4. Can I make changes and/or upgrades after construction begins?

  5. What is warrantied? And when do the warranties expire?

  6. What are the HOA restrictions and fees?

  7. What happens if the home isn’t delivered on time?

  8. Who will oversee the construction? Who will be able to answer questions once the building commences?

  9. When can I tour the home? Inspections?

  10. What happens if I need to terminate your contract during the construction? What are the nonrefundable fees and deposits?  

Together, we’ll help you leverage data into the best deal possible - saving you time and money while ensuring you feel confident about every step of the process.

Questions about new construction?

You can contact us here. You can also text or call Khalil directly at 571-235-4821.

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