When putting your home up for sale, you want to get as many showings as possible, right? The more showings, the greater your chances increase of receiving an offer; and even better, multiple offers. Along with offers, you want feedback in regard to the offer prices and overall appeal of your home. In order to create seamless showings and generate feedback from prospective buyers, you want a realtor that uses showing management and market stats technology. ShowingTime leads the industry with a user-friendly mobile app, automated feedback, detailed results, and more showings for buyers.


Showingtime Mobile App

With the ShowingTime mobile app realtors can easily manage showings and receive feedback. Sellers have the choice in how involved they want to be when it comes to showings. Many sellers only want to know what time they need to be out of the house. However, if they choose, buyers can be involved in every step of the process when it comes to their listing. If sellers choose to download the app, they are able to confirm or deny any showing requests in the event the times don’t work for them. The user-friendly app helps realtors stay organized and privy to all prospective buyer traffic. Agents and sellers can even sync the showing schedule to their phone calendar. 

More Showings

When your agent uses ShowingTime, they have more time to work on marketing your home all the while making sure no request for a showing goes unfulfilled. The ShowingTime Appointment Center handles showing requests and appointment scheduling. Using ShowingTime your agent can get twice as much work done with the same efficiency which means your house has an even higher chance of getting sold quickly and at an acceptable price. 


Showings With ShowingTime LIVE Video

With our current pandemic buyers are turning to online showings in large volume. With ShowingTime Live video agents can host shows straight from their phone. There is a difference between looking at a home online and an online live showing. With live videos, the agent is in the home and can walk through the property presenting details and answering any questions prospective buyers may need to be answered and specify parts of the home they want in greater detail. This allows for a personal one-on-one viewing that is almost like being there in person.

Automated Feedback

ShowingTime includes automated feedback requests to prospective buyers. The app sends agents up to three reminders to submit feedback from the listing. Agents are given an opportunity to ask showing agents and their clients what they liked and disliked about the property. ShowingTime gives agents the option to send feedback directly to the seller. Feedback from showings helps agents and sellers generate ideas on making the property more appealing. ShowingTime equips sellers with the analytics to be sure their agent is getting the showings needed to sell their home.

Want an example of ShowingTime Reports and the feedback we send to clients? Reach out to talk to our listing team!

Detailed Reports for Sellers

Sellers receive reports from ShowingTime such as the Target Market Analysis Report, the Activity on Comparables Report, and the Listing Activity Report. These reports help keep agents and sellers connected.

The Target Market Analysis Report issues statistics and graphics concerning which price range is initiating the highest number of showings. It searches all active and available inventory in the seller’s area. ShowingTime’s Activity on Comparables Report helps agents gain knowledge on what buyers in their local market are searching for and how the sellers listing compares to similar listings. And finally, the Listing Activity Report allows agents to review all activity for all listings. Here they can review feedback from showings, list open houses, and promote their listing. Mass emails can even be sent out to showing agents with price adjustments or any change to the listing. 


The process of selling a home can be overwhelming. Fortunately, using an agent that utilizes ShowingTime you can be sure your home will have more showings, receive quick feedback, and ultimately sold in a timely manner and for the amount it is worth. 

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