Family moving home and carrying cardboard boxes.jpegAre you moving to Fairfax County, Virginia this summer? Here's a quick checklist of "to-dos" for you to become a Fairfax County resident.

6 Things To Do When Moving To Fairfax County

  1. Register your car in Fairfax County and Virginia  *You can also find driver's license information here and more!

  2.  Don't forget to Register to vote, or update your voter registration

  3. Register for Fairfax Alerts (emergency and other important notifications)

  4. Stay up to date with the latest news! Check out Fairfax County social media

  5. Do you have children? Register your kids for school at Fairfax County Public Schools. Want to learn about the Fairfax County schools - How Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) compares with nearby districts

  6. Plan day trips and get to know the city! Here's a great resource for everything tourism in Fairfax County   

Ready to explore? 

Here are some great resources if you're looking to take adavantage and get to know your new area!


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