You found a home you love now it's time to submit an offer! With low inventory in the DC metro area and all around the country, you will likely get into a multiple offer situation. This means that your offer will be up against other potential buyers and the seller's will have to choose which offer they want to move forward with. When you work with a great real estate agent, like Glass House Real Estate, they will have certain techniques that help win the multiple offer battle. Here are some of ours!

How To Win The Multiple Offer Home Battle

1. Get Along With The Listing Agent

The first and most important step of winning the multiple offer battle is to get along with the listing agent from the very beginning of the interaction. As soon as your agent calls the listing agent to ask a question about the property or make an appointment it's key that they are friendly and respectful towards the other agent. This relationship will be critical in securing the deal!

2. Learn As Much As Possible About The Seller's Situation

While speaking with the listing agent, your agent should ask as many questions as possible about the seller's situation in order to cater the offer to their needs. This includes their timeline, exclusions and even desired price and expectations. 

3. Appeal Directly To The Seller 

This goes hand in hand with the above step but is also important to winning the multiple offer battle. The seller should feel a connection with your offer and appreciate it. A cover letter with the details about the buyer, personalized and specific to this property and situation is always helpful here.

Ready to make an offer? We're ready to work!

If you have found the home you love and would like to put in an offer that will win multiple offer battles - contact us! We will help you every step of the way. 

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