pexels-photo-1054974By committing to crafting an eco-friendly home, homeowners have the potential to save $723 to $1,182 a year, which is an attractive statistic to homeowners looking to increase the efficiency of their property. While this is great news for property owners, it’s also great news for the tenants they’re looking to rent, as eco-friendly homes also often have lower energy bills and possess increased health benefits. Therefore, if you’re looking to sell or rent, you’ll benefit from following a few eco-friendly tips that can totally transform your property and its value.

Catering to the Needs of the Market

Before making changes to reduce the carbon footprint of a home, it’s important to position yourself in the housing market and understand what buyers and renters are looking for. With millennials making up a large portion of the housing market in the 21st-century, it’s important to factor in their specific needs as a part of your environmentally-friendly home updates. The environment is one of the biggest concerns for this group of buyers, with 78% reporting that they’re willing to change their lifestyle and shopping habits to help protect the environment. This means that eco-friendly updates to a home can not only increase its value but also increase the attractiveness and ease with which you can sell it or rent it out.

Invest in Green Interior Design

Incorporating eco-friendly interior design techniques and themes can obviously help reduce your environmental impact, but it can also lead to decreased stress and increased happiness for future tenants or owners. These fixes are actually also incredibly budget-friendly, which is another plus for owners who want to revamp the property without spending too much of their renovation budget. For example, you can use plants as decoration as opposed to buying bulky furniture pieces made from harmful materials. Because plants provide oxygen, they also help filter out harmful pollutants in the air while making the home look more inviting. To further increase the eco-friendly nature of your home, you should opt for furniture made of all-natural materials such as natural wood or organic bamboo.

Incorporate Smart Tech to Boost Efficiency

From smart thermostats that save on heating costs to smart lights that can set the mood and add to the ambiance of a home, smart home technology is all the rage. In fact, 38% of millennials, who make up a large portion of prospective home buyers, have already purchased homes that are “smart” or have installed the technology in their existing home. 58% of those who hadn’t reported that they were interested in doing so, signaling a strong interest for this feature in homes across the country. Incorporating this type of technology into a home can help future tenants save on energy bills each month, with studies showing that smart thermostats help save up to 30% on an energy bill annually. Light dimmers, occupancy sensors, and even shading are all great ways to go eco-friendly while staying modern.

Going Green for More Green 

The verdict is out, and there’s no doubt that going green is great for the environment but also great for attracting renters and buyers to your updated home. In order to sell your home or rent it out at the right price, it pays to invest in eco-friendly updates that will increase is efficiency while reducing costs.

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Sally Collins

Sally Collins

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