aerobics-brand-color-39671Having a home gym ensures that you not only save money but also never make an excuse to skip a workout. Nothing beats the feeling of working out at your home without worrying about showering with strangers and being too cold or too hot! Unfortunately, most people are hesitant to invest in a home gym because they think it might cost them a lot. But looking on the bright side, every home has enough space to accommodate at least a small home gym, and you don't need to lavish and expensive machinery to set up an excellent private gym for yourself.

Here are some top home gym ideas for people who love staying fit!

Home Gym Ideas To Help You Stay Fit

1. Consider Using Your Garage

If you have a garage, you indeed have the right place for a home gym. On average, a home gym requires 10 x 6 ft. Space to help you with ideal workout conditions. This space is often natural to find if you move a thing or two to a different location to make room for your gym. Placing all the equipment in the garage and making room for it is relatively easy. You don't have to ask for someone's help in setting the heavy stuff up in its right place. That's why the garage is considered as the best place for your home gym. 

2. Use Your Bedroom

Now, this doesn't mean you should sleep on the couch and convert your bedroom into a gym! Consider allotting a corner of your room for working out. This tip could help you if you live in an apartment and working out in the garage is not an option. One thought you need to keep in mind is that having a home gym in the ground-floor bedroom is a good idea as the ones on the higher floors could get noisy.

3. Use an Empty Space

Most homes have available spaces which can be converted into a good-looking home gym. If you have an unused attic or a basement, consider turning them into perfect exercise areas. Both these places will allow you plenty of space and also help you stay focused while you work out. Some people often end up using the space on their patios or unused corner in their living room. 

4. Keep Free Weights Around

A home gym doesn’t need to have pricey equipment. In a home gym, a set of free weights can help you complete all the workouts people do on machines and also help you build more muscle. Therefore, invest in a set of free weights and choose the ones that come with different weight options. Kettle balls have taken the place of the traditional dumbbells but, at the same time, their movements are also challenging to master. So, make sure you buy the right thing for your home gym.

5. Purchase Different Mats

A mat can help you in different ways. They not only protect your floor but also keep your joints safe while doing the movements that require floor contact. Consider buying different types with varying levels of cushioning so that you can use them whenever required. The ease of use and transferability makes the foldable mats a must-have for every home gym.

6. Consider Jump Rope

A jump rope can be an excellent alternative for a treadmill. Although treadmills are useful, as the latest versions come with statistics that help you keep your progress in check, they can't be part of every home gym because of their size and price. Instead of buying a treadmill and worrying for space afterward, consider using a jump rope. They not only allow you to do your cardio workout but also take no storage space. If you make jumping ropes a part of your fitness regime, you'll never need to run on a treadmill.

7. Use Racks and Benches

If you are open to investing some money in your home gym, consider buying a bench or rack. The rack can be used for storage as well as some excesses such as advanced squats. On the other hand, having a seat is ideal as it allows you to take on advanced dumbbell exercises.

Final Tips 

There are many things you can consider while setting up your home gym. Each idea is associated with the type of exercise you prefer. If you want to work on your upper body strength, then having a pull-up bar installed is a good investment.

Nevertheless, working out is a fantastic activity, and having a gym in your home will keep you motivated all the time. Similarly, if you are starting and don't want to mess things up, consider taking some safety measures before you start exercising. Use resistance bands while working out and always warm up before you start toning your muscles.

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Jeff Leighton

Jeff Leighton

Jeff is a Glass House real estate broker with nearly 10 years of experience in the Washington DC real estate market.