Buying a house in the D.C. metro area? You can use some lessons from the "Game of Thrones."

Choose a Real Estate Agent in the D.C. Metro Area

You may not think of the popular HBO show as being anything more than exciting and adventurous entertainment, but "Game of Thrones" can teach you about more than just how to train a dragon.

Surprisingly, there is a lot that can be learned in the series that can be applied to how to choose a real estate agent in the D.C. metro area, and real estate in general, and we're not just talking about the elaborate castles (we'll save that for next time).

In the video "7 Lessons of Real Estate Learned from the Game of Thrones," Marc Davison, founding partner at real estate marketing communications firm 1000Watt, points out seven unexpected real estate lessons to be learned from the hit series.

How to Choose a Real Estate Agent in the D.C. Metro Area: Essentials of Real Estate Success Learned from "Game of Thrones"

In the video below, Davison discusses the seven lessons for real estate he discovered by watching Game of Thrones. All the lessons are valuable, but here are our five favorites:

1. Don't underestimate the little guy: Little brokerages are doing big things and are often underestimated. Think of Tyrion Lannister. His small stature causes others to think he is less powerful than he is, but he often proves them wrong. Don't immediately enlist the services of a major brokerage. Do a little research to find the right agency to fit your needs.

2. Nurture your dragons: Take a lesson from Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons.  Competition is fierce, so create your own tools and do unique things to win in the real estate world. You'll want to work with an agent who knows what you want and can put your interests first. You and your agent should work together in a partnership to achieve your goals (buying your dream house at your dream price!).

3. Play the long game: The ladies of the show have patience and make plans far in advance.  Follow their lead and invest in long term ideas. Choose to work with an agent who is knowledgeable of the details you need to look for in a house you're considering purchasing, so they can provide you expert advice. You also don't want an agent who will rush you; instead, look for an agent who is patient and happy to take their time until you find the perfect home.

4. Be loyal to the cause: Varys, the palace eunuch, holds no loyalty to anyone, but always serves the kingdom. The kingdom is the greater cause and in the world of real estate, that is the consumer. Look for a real estate agent you can trust, who you feel is loyal to you and not to their wallet. 

5. Don't think, just act: Build up your inner Samwell Tarly and don't think so much; just "go for it" and be your own hero. Let your instincts help you choose a real estate agent in the D.C. metro area. If you have a good "gut feeling" about an agent, then trust your instincts.

For the full explanation of these seven lessons, watch the following Inman News video in which Marc Davison explains in full how he developed these essentials from the HBO hit.

If you're looking to purchase a house in the D.C. metro area, consider working with our team at Glass House Real Estate. We always put your interests before our own, so we can help you find the house of your dreams. Interested in learning more? Let's chat about what you're looking for in a real estate agent.

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