women-friendly citiesDid you know that Washington, D.C., is ranked as one of the more women-friendly cities in the country? This is great news for all women looking to move into the area and especially those with an entrepreneurial spirit!

The days where woman were not given the same chances as men are over. D.C. is one of the best areas to live that provides great job opportunities for women. However, just because a city has a high population of women does not mean it is the most women-friendly city; this is determined by several factors. 

Why D.C. is Ranked as One of the Most Women-Friendly Cities

  1. Business-friendliness: A city's entrepreneurial climate is determined by the number of businesses per 100 residents.
  2. Presence of female entrepreneurs: How friendly is this location to female entrepreneurs? This is determined by the percentage of businesses that are owned by women.
  3. Earnings of female workers: Median earnings of full-time female workers were examined to assess the earning-potential for women in this city.
  4. Education level: Studies have shown that education correlates with entrepreneurship. To measure the presence of educated workers, this study noted the percentage of residents 25 years and older with a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  5. Economic state: Unemployment rates were examined In order to assess whether a city has an economy suitable for entrepreneurial success.

Research findings via NerdWallet Finance

This poll from NerdWallet showed us that 34.5 percent of businesses in Washington, D.C., are owned by women. This is higher than any other major city in the United States. That is a great statistic that a female entrepreneur should capitalize on if they are considering joining or are already in the business field. 

D.C. has also been proven to be an area where women tend to make a higher salary in comparison to other parts of the country; women in D.C. earn at least 75% of what most men in the area earn. Plus, if you haven't noticed, there are more women in Congress than ever before.

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