Date the Rate, Marry the House is some of the worst advice I've seen online.

I aim to be a resource to counter the lousy advice out there concerning the real estate industry. 

Date the Rate, Marry the House is Everywhere

From memes to opinion articles, "Date the Rate, Marry the House" is everywhere. It's horrible advice for a few reasons.

What if Rates Don't go Back Down?

The mortgage rates we became accustomed to were historically low. If the rates always go back down, there is nothing historical about it. There is absolutely no guarantee that rates will go back down. 

The idea that you can advise a homebuyer not to worry, step out of their comfort zone, and bank on the rates going back down - which is not guaranteed - is crazy.

When this advice is given, it is never in the home buyer's best interest. It is in the interest of the person giving the advice. 

What if Home Prices go Down?

And what happens if prices go down? 

Did that same person who advised "date the rate, marry the house" explain that if prices go down and you have negative equity, you cannot refinance? All these videos leave out this critical detail. 

Let us not forget the all-important detail - Do you know how much it costs to refinance your home? 

It costs 2% to 5% of the loan amount to refinance—something to seriously consider. 

The Bottom Line

Date the rate and marry the house is some of the worst advice that has ever been given. Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding the current real estate market. 

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