From historic river systems to picturesque lakes, Northern Virginia has plenty of beautiful waterfront homes - is a lakeside or beachfront home right for you?

Northern Virginia Waterfront homes


Have you fantasized about purchasing a waterfront home? Waking up to beautiful views, days filled with fishing and playing in the water, and evenings full of peace listening to the purling of the water? From the Potomac River to Hidden Lake, Northern Virginia has some of the most beautiful waterfront homes in the country.

There are several benefits to buying a home on the water, but there are also many things to consider before purchasing waterfront real estate.

Buying a Waterfront Home is a Good Investment

Waterfront homes are scarce. Compounded with extremely high demand, this scarcity makes waterfront properties a shrewd investment. Waterfront properties are commonly purchased as second homes, making this wise business move both a getaway and an asset. Choosing a home in a highly sought-after area increases the value of your investment.


Renting out your property when you are not using it adds to the potential of this wise investment. You do not have to report rental income to the IRS if you rent your home out 14 days or less a year - however, even though renting your home out for more than 14 days means you must report rental income, you can deduct rental expenses. Be sure to understand the rules of the IRS before renting out your property.

Buying a Waterfront Home Means Tranquility

Whether you buy a waterfront property as your permanent home or a holiday respite, you will likely always feel like you are on vacation while you are there. The appeal of outdoor activities, no traffic, and clean air is the definition of vacation. Living near water may give you the feeling of greater levels of peace which can increase your livelihood and life expectancy.

Buying a Waterfront Home Provides a Backyard Ecosystem

Living next to water means reaping the benefits of exposure to nature - fish, birds, and other animals right outside your door. Having an ecosystem like this is excellent for producing incredible experiences. Whether it is a romantic dinner next to the lake, kayaking with the kids, or fishing with your grandchildren - being at one with nature can create a closeness that families may not have the opportunity to experience living in the city.


Buying a Waterfront Home Requires Additional Insurance

Since living in a waterfront home puts you at risk of being flooded, you must purchase flood insurance. Certain bodies of water in Northern Virginia have controlled water levels and intricate flood protection systems that maintain an even water level all year, assisting in protecting your home. In addition to flood insurance, you may also be required to purchase windstorm and peril insurance


Buying a Waterfront Home Leads to More Upkeep

Waterfront homes generally require more maintenance which means more money. Expect more substantial wear and tear caused by natural conditions. Because of the proximity to the water, waterfront homes are more prone to repair than homes away from excessive moisture. In addition to general home repairs such as exterior paint and mold removal, waterfront properties may come with higher monthly homeowners’ association (HOA) fees tacked on.

Northern Virginia Waterfront Homes Mean More Responsibility & Many Benefits 

Whether you are looking for a family vacation home or dreaming of retiring next to the water, purchasing a waterfront home in Northern Virginia can be a dream come true.

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