What could be worse than foreclosures for a housing market?

We may find out soon. 

A few weeks ago, I was in the audience at Inman Connect when Glenn Kelman mentioned institutional sellers.

What is an Institutional Seller?

Institutional sellers include banks foreclosing on properties and putting those properties on the market.

Zillow, Opendoor, and other ibuyers are also considered institutional sellers - along with wholesalers, investors, and flippers. 

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When these institutional sellers begin putting their inventory on the market, they aren’t worried about receiving top dollar. Most likely, they will price at the bottom of the market, and each week the home doesn’t sell, they will drop the sale price or be willing to accept an offer below the list price.

How Can Institutional Sellers Affect the Housing Market?

How do the actions of institutional buyers affect the housing market?

Institutional sellers pricing at the bottom of the market and accepting less than the listing price could bring down home prices. 

So, I tend to agree when someone says we won’t have foreclosures in the near future. But then I ask them about institutional sellers, and it’s something almost no one is talking about.

Do You Have Questions About the Market?

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