in the mood for a great cup of joe?

Washington DC may not be Seattle, the country's coffee capital; however, in the last few years, DC has changed its coffee scene, becoming home to several stand-out coffee shops.

With so many great coffeehouses, we chose places that had a top-notch cup of Joe and gave customers more than expected. Enjoy the best places for a cup of Joe in Washington DC.

The Wydown

The Wydown is an excellent coffeehouse with two locations - the original located on 14th Street and the second shop in the lobby of the Apollo on H Street. 


The Wydown is the perfect place to pop in for a quick cup of Joe or catch up drinking lattes with friends. The coffee shop, owned by two brothers from the Midwest, had a vision of creating a coffee shop that felt like home. The Wydown offers unique creations from coffee to pastries to craft cocktails.

Tyan Coffee and Tea

If you're in Columbia Heights and looking for an inviting place to hunker down and read a book or catch up with friends in a relaxing setting, Tyan Coffee and Tea offers a comfortable atmosphere. 


This authentic and locally owned coffee shop offers much more than just lattes and espresso; Tyan has a delicious full breakfast and lunch menu.

Baker's Daughter

Baker's Daughter is a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of the District. 


Located in the Ivy City neighborhood, the classy coffee shop offers amazing breakfast sandwiches and some of the best pastries in the District. Baker's Daughter is a fantastic place to people-watch and enjoy a fresh cup of Joe.

Open City

Situated in the peaceful, scenic neighborhood of Woodley Park, Open City is a first-class coffeehouse, bar, and diner all in one. Open City is the perfect place to meet up with large groups of friends with a spacious patio and a roomy interior. 


Their diverse barista menu includes everything from Americano to Masala Chai to a Dirty Chai Frappe. Focusing on diversity, Open House has something for everyone.

Coffy Cafe

Nestled in the heart of Columbia Heights, Coffee Cafe is unlike any other coffeehouse in DC. This 60s-themed coffee shop is well known around the Districts for its mouthwatering crepes.


Whether you are in the mood to stretch out and read a book on a comfy couch or listen to some live music while you sip your latte, step into another time with their free-spirit vibe and funky decor.

Büna Coffeehouse

Büna Coffeehouse is an unconventional coffee spot with an easy-going environment that serves one of the best cups of Joe in DC along with modern Ethiopian dishes like Kitfo and a wide variety of American food. Located in the Upper 16th Street neighborhood, Büna offers a wide variety of coffee drinks. 


The Best Cup of Joe in Washington DC

Whether you want to step into the 60s, transport yourself to Ethiopia, or curl up on a couch with a good book and a cup of Joe, Washington DC has some of the best coffeehouses in the country.







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