If you’re going to put up a house on sale, then make it as appealing as possible, on the exterior and interior.

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If you think that putting up a home for sale can be a complicated process, you're not wrong. It's a situation that keeps some sellers up all night. What if your home is one of those that stay on the market for ages? What if you never get an asking price?

The worry is justified, but the questions you ought to be asking are how to transform your home design into an impressive and alluring home choice for buyers. But how exactly do you do that?

Here are a few things you can do to improve the overall look of your house.

  1. Clean Like Never Before
  2. Declutter
  3. Minor Repairs
  4. Work the Furniture
  5. De-Personalize
  6. Lights Are Never Wrong

If you’re going to be listing your house, your first assignment would be cleaning. You want to create an impression of a well-kept house, and this should be reflected on every angle and corner of the house. Clean the windows, scrub the bathroom, and ensure all surfaces are squeaky clean. Ensure you get the best upholstery cleaner for your seats, cushions, and pillows.

A clean house is the quickest way to a buyer’s heart

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It's a good idea to create a home fragrance, one that gives fresh and clean vibes. In addition, always ensure that you wipe down the surfaces before every showing session. In addition, this is the cheapest way of improving your home.

You might be used to it, but having too much stuff around makes the space look overcrowded, darker, and much smaller. Don't forget you're trying to sell space, so create as much of it as you can. If you are moving, packing is a good way of getting rid of unnecessary stuff such as unseasonal clothes, decor, and accessories.

Get rid of unnecessary items that you’d not use on a normal day, including toys and games

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Strip down to the home essentials, but leave out one or two decorative pieces to enhance the overall look. Decluttering includes cleaning out your storage options such as kitchen cabinets, shelves, and closets. The goal is to create space, and that is what buyers are looking for.

One vital aspect of home improvement is focusing on the little details. Broken home furnishings, torn sofa fabrics, creaky floorboards, broken light fixtures, and hanging doors speak volumes to potential buyers. So you might want to make an easy living room makeover before the first showing. Proper home maintenance is a huge selling factor - nobody wants to pay for repairs in a newly bought house.

How you layout your furniture for a showing is crucial to how potential buyers perceive your home.

Pay keen attention to how you lay out your furniture, and keep the décor to a minimum

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For starters, a proper decent layout is inviting and welcoming to your guest. In addition, it creates a visual tell-tale of every room and its purpose. Last but not least, properly arranging your furniture allows for easy movement and maneuvering of guests in your house. You don't want people tripping over misplaced pieces.

They say home is where the heart is, and it is no doubt that you have poured your heart into your home. However, you are now appealing to buyers' hearts, so it's time to start leaving out the blanks. Your goal is to get your visitors to visualize the house as their own, but too much personalization robs you of those points.

Get rid of items that personalize the house, such as fridge stick-on and framed photos

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Get down your photo frames from surfaces and walls, remove fridge hangings, and keep your clothes put away. Make the bathroom as blank as possible by removing toothbrushes and other personal effects. If you are a religious family, it's advised to cut down on overtly suggestive items. It might be weird to live in a stripped-down house, but it does improve your rankings on listings.

Natural lighting and outdoor views are a big seller, so ensure your guest see what your house has to offer

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Lights create a warm, welcoming atmosphere to any room. In addition, proper lighting expands your home's visual spacing, giving it an airy, spacious look and feel. So make sure that you draw back the drapes during a showing, especially if any of the rooms offer a view. Don’t be afraid to turn on a few lamps and lights. You want to show how the house is home for you, and decent lighting is one way to achieve that.

The staging process can be quite intense and stressful, but you can always find your ways through it. Read through real estate sites and talk to agents about the staging process. If you have the time, walk into other showings and see what others are doing.

Are there tips you've learned about staging a home? We would love to hear from you.

Guest blog article written by Archie Adams, https://homemakerguide.com/ 

Archie Adams

Archie Adams

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