Made an offer. The offer was accepted. You likely included a home inspection contingency. Here's what you need to know in 10 steps.

Home Inspection Steps

  1. Get a home inspector referral asap; we recommend these companies.
  2. Good home inspectors are busy; it’s important to book one quickly.
  3. Inspections can range anywhere from an hour up to four hours, depending on the inspection and size of the home. Buyers and their agent typically attend the home inspection.
  4. Some inspectors issue reports onsite; while others will email you a report within 2 days.
  5. Discuss the report with your agent to gain perspective and context; often reading about home’s defects is scary when the reality is the defect may be relatively minor. Tip: Every home has defects.
  6. The buyer decides if, what, or all that they would like repaired. In lieu of repairs, a buyer may ask for a price reduction. This will be submitted to the seller and the seller’s agent.
  7. The seller may agree to make the repair(s) or issue a credit. The seller may also elect to make some, or no, repairs. There may be some negotiating.
  8. Once the buyer and seller agree, the inspection contingency can be removed.
  9. If the seller makes repairs, the buyer will have the opportunity to confirm the corrective work before closing. Sellers are generally required to provide receipts to buyers for the repairs.
  10. If the buyer and seller don’t reach an agreement, the buyer has the option of voiding the contract.

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