Heather Craw and Kent Kemeny $11,500 Rebate


“We chose to work with Khalil because he focuses on exactly what is most important to us in a realtor: negotiating and closing a deal. We were happy to do most of the finding of a property ourselves, and were thrilled to find a top-notch realtor who charged a fee that actually reflected the way people buy houses in the Internet age.

Khalil gave us great advice that saved us tens of thousands of dollars and worked tirelessly to help us close on our contract within a tight timeframe. We have paid three times as much in realtor fees in the past and never received the kind of true advocacy and professionalism we got from Khalil. We recommend him to all our friends and family and will use him again in the future.”

- Heather Craw and Kent Kemeny


Heather did all of her research before she called Glass House in the spring of 2013. She sold her home and was aggressively looking for a tear down lot in the town of Vienna. Her criteria were specific; she needed an agent that was responsive and also aggressive because the market for a tear down was competitive.

Glass House set up an auto e-mail alert for homes that fit her criteria and when a home came on the market and was taken down 15 minutes later, she called her agent to find out what was going on.

Our Solution

Set up an auto e-mail alert that notified the buyers of a lot that was on the market for only 15 minutes before being taken down.

Met directly with the listing agent and persuaded them to take the contract before the home went back on the market.