Screen Shot 2019-11-11 at 9.46.40 AMVacation homes are the ultimate getaways. With millions of Americans looking for a retreat from their everyday lives, there’s no better time to think about transforming your home into a rental or purchasing a new home to turn into a vacation property. 

Whichever road you take, the good news is it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to set up and maintain a vacation rental. There are many simple changes you can make to your home to transform it into a beautiful destination for guests from all over the world, including deep cleaning, offering little luxuries, and decluttering so that each space can be easily seen for what it is. 

A good vacation home will make a guest feel as though they have no needs, so thinking a few steps ahead will benefit you greatly. Consider the things a renter will want to have access to while they’re away from home, such as WiFi, a comfortable bed, and bathroom and kitchen necessities that will allow them to make the most of their stay. Providing these things will help you attract visitors all throughout the year in many cases, and will keep them coming back. 

Here are some things to consider with a vacation home upgrade.

Maintenance is crucial

Maintaining your home and making sure everything is in good working order is critical when you’re going to have renters. Not only will it help your home provide everything your guests need, it will keep everyone safe and healthy as well. One of the most important health issues in any home is the air quality, and fortunately, there are several easy ways to keep your guests breathing easy. Air filters are a huge part of your home’s air quality, and when they get old, they can become clogged and prevent your furnace or air conditioning system from working properly--which will jack up your utility bills. Changing the filter often is an important but simple way of maintaining your property.

Keep it safe

The safety of your home is a huge factor for most renters; they want to know that their family and belongings will be well taken care of while they’re enjoying their vacation. A security system will help you keep things secure, so look for the right system for your needs. There are many on the market these days, from surveillance cameras that feed directly to your smartphone to alarms that will communicate directly with authorities in the event of a break-in.

Upgrade your appliances

Often, it’s the little things that make a big impact for renters. Having updated appliances can mean the world to someone who doesn’t have those luxuries at home, so shop around online for the best deals on a washer and dryer, new stove, or a smart refrigerator. The right appliances can help a renter feel comfortable, and they may even allow you to charge a bit more per renter so that you can get the most return on your investment.


Decluttering your home can be beneficial in many ways. Not only will it help each room look bigger and tidier, it will help prevent accidents such as trips and falls, and will allow you to make more space for guests. This is something that many renters look for, especially if they’re traveling with kids. Clean off countertops, throw away items you no longer need from cabinets and closets, and keep some empty space on shelves so that guests will have room to keep their belongings neat during their stay.

Hire a property manager

If you live a long distance from your vacation home or don’t have the time to maintain it and keep guests happy, you’re best off hiring a management company. A property manager can take care of routine maintenance and bring in a maid service for regular house cleanings. They also can handle bookings and local support. The better taken care of your guests are, the more likely they are to book your home again and leave positive reviews online. 

Upgrading your home to rent out to vacationers can be a big job, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful or expensive one. Sometimes, small changes make a big impact, and the more you can do to ensure the comfort of your guests, the more likely they’ll be to make a return trip the next time they’re on vacation.

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Rob Woods

Rob Woods

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