apartment-bedroom-ceiling-1082355Listed and sold your home? Check. Pack it all up and moved? Check. Kids and pets all accounted for? Check. Unfortunately, there’s not a moment to relax. It’s time to get started unpacking in your new home. 

Congratulations! You’ve successfully moved to your new home. Now is definitely not the time to rest on your laurels. It’s time to get your new home whipped into shape so you can get back to some resemblance of a normal life. 

The task is daunting. That enormous stack of boxes contain your entire life. But don’t worry. We have the advice to help you with all that work that lies ahead of you as you begin unpacking those moving boxes. Take a look.

#1 – Begin with a clean slate

You probably kicked up dust and tracked in dirt as you were moving in. Whether your new house needs a quick once over or a heavier cleaning, it’s easier to accomplish this task while the rooms are empty. This time is your one chance to clean without moving around furniture. 

#2 – Get yourself organized

Hopefully, you labeled each box according to the contents. Now, place each of those boxes into the room where it belongs. It might feel like you’re moving boxes twice (and yes, you are). However, you will waste less precious time and energy scurrying back and forth finding things when the cartons are in the correct location.

#3 – Unpack your bathroom first

Many people find it best to unpack the bathroom contents, first. For starters, this is a smaller room, and you have fewer things to put away. 

A more urgent reason is that you will need to access items like toilet tissue, towels, and other necessities while you’re working. And, you sure will appreciate a hot shower and your familiar towels after a long, hard day of unpacking in your new home.

#4 – Locate kitchen essentials

By now, you’re probably fed up with eating the requisite moving day pizza. Uncovering a few kitchen items will make you feel a step closer to a home-cooked meal and make your new house feel like home.

In the past, we have advised our clients to box up kitchen essentials (i.e., coffee supplies, a few paper plates and plastic cutlery, and paper towels) and mark the box for ease of access. Now is the time to locate those items which you will need in the next few hours. 

After all, there’s practically nothing you can’t accomplish once you’ve enjoyed your cup of joe. 

#5 – Enlist the troops

Give family members clear assignments and instructions on how to get their respective jobs done. 

For example, you may assign teenagers to locate their sheets and make their bed, first, so they will have a comfortable place to sleep. But, if you just tell them to unpack their boxes, they might skip putting sheets on the bed in favor of hooking up their game console.

Even younger kids can help you retrieve items you need and assist with the unpacking process—with clear direction from you!

#6 – Verify if appliances are connected

Another urgent task is to verify if all the appliances are connected. You’ll quickly want to run a load of clothes in the washer or heat a frozen lasagna in the oven. Remember that a fridge takes several hours to cool down to a safe temperature. The chances are high that you’ll have food to put away sooner than later.

Verifying that you have connected appliances in advance will save you from aggravation later. 

#7 – Unpack one room at a time

After you’ve unpacked the bare bones necessities in each room—sheets, towels, a few cooking supplies—begin to focus on one place at a time. This tip will help you get more accomplished by cutting down on the time you spend backtracking. 

Plus, you’re rewarded with the gratification that comes with making the new place come together one room at a time.

#8 – Don’t get frustrated too easily

Unpacking in your new home is a daunting undertaking. There are bound to be roadblocks along the way. Think of missing cell phone chargers (you know what box they should be in, but…), mislabeled boxes, and irritable family members (not you, the kids). 

Give yourself the latitude to step away from a moment if you need to and regroup. It’s okay—the boxes will still be there when you return!

Welcome to Your New Home

Moving in is the last step of your move—you’re almost across that finish line. Remember that it’s okay if all does not go perfectly. Move in as efficiently as you can and give yourself the time to perfect your new home as you get settled.


Monique Spain

Monique Spain

As a graduate of William & Mary and hailing from a Military family, Monique brings an array of experience to the table and utilizes her background to help serve the varying needs of our buyers and sellers.