aerial-view-of-house-village-2255938 (1)There are numerous factors to consider when choosing the right place to live. One of the most important components during your home search is finding the right neighborhood. With our current pandemic in effect, scoping out neighborhoods can pose a little trickier for potential buyers than pre-COVID days. However, with a few tips and the right tools in your arsenal, you can find the best neighborhood for you without leaving the comfort and safety of your home .

Social Media

Social media pages along with community websites are a fantastic way to gain insight into a particular neighborhood. For example, the Washington DC neighborhood Cathedral Heights has a Facebook page titled “Living in Cathedral Heights” where members can find out everything from where fireworks will be displayed to community picnics and the neighborhood free library.  Potential residents can easily learn details on neighborhood events and be exposed to the interaction between neighbors. Is a family-friendly neighborhood what you are in the market for? Through social media and community websites, you will easily find out if this is the tight-knit community you may be searching for. 

Google Maps

Take a virtual tour of a neighborhood with Google Maps. Simply type in any address and take a tour of the neighborhood. Easily locate churches, schools, parks, businesses, and be sure to check your work commute. Are you looking for a neighborhood with mostly residential streets or are you in need of accessibility to freeways and bus stops? Google Maps will show you the city transportation stops, construction work, road closures, and even public parking. Google Maps is a great way to see what is available in any neighborhood. 

Apps and Additional Resources

While you are narrowing down the best neighborhood for you to settle down in, take advantage of the numerous resources for that specific use.

Great Schools

Great Schools is available for families to conduct a free search of all public and private schools. Type in an address and Great Schools generates a list of all available schools in the neighborhood or area. Find schools’ ratings, enrollment size, test scores, population information, special programs, and parent reviews. 


Dwellr is an app available for Android and iOS. The app utilizes Census Bureau data about statistics in a community such as the percentage of families with children. It has been referred to as the of real estate. Dwellr asks a series of questions that help match you with your perfect neighborhood. 


SpotCrime is a Baltimore-based company that enables you to view crime data in a given neighborhood. The categories are broken down into arrests, shootings, burglary, vandalism, arson, along with others by using Google maps. 


HomeFacts provides you with information concerning the safety of any neighborhood in the U.S. This includes school information, ratings, crime rates, registered sex offenders, and natural disaster risks. Users can either download HomeFacts on their Android or iOS phone or utilize the HomeFacts website. This is a great site giving users a complete picture of a chosen neighborhood.

Finding the perfect neighborhood requires time and effort. The crime rate, access to businesses, and finding the all-around vibe that matches you are important when it comes to laying down your roots. Luckily with these resources, you can kick your feet up with your laptop and find out more than you ever could with a simple walk around the block.

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