Over the last 90 days, Glass House Real Estate has sold 5 homes in the desirable area of Mclean,VA. Buyers have saved an average of $25,000 off the asking price whereas the average home sells for 99+% of asking price. 

Here’s a look into our recent sales!

Mclean Home Sales 2020

1479 Buena Vista Ave, Mclean VA 22101 | $1,499,000


1224 Daleview Dr, McLean VA 22102 | $1,275,000


1827 Opalocka Dr. Mclean, VA 22101 | $950,000


1613 Forest Ln Mclean, VA 22101 | $1,295,000


1541 Evers Dr Mclean, VA 22101 | $1,293,000


Considering buying or selling in Mclean, VA? Glass House offers a more affordable way to buy and sell your home. Our modern real estate process offers savings for both sellers and buyers! Contact us today to learn more about how we can work with you to accomplish your real estate goals. 

Khalil El-Ghoul

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