adams-morgan-architecture-beautiful-279100Considering a move to Washington DC? If you love traveling, exploring new cultures, and meeting people from around the globe, you’ll fall in love with the Adams Morgan neighborhood. 

This area reflects many multicultural influences. And, that’s part of the genuine charm of the community. Those who choose this place as their home all come together and live in a remarkably harmonious way. By selecting this neighborhood, they know they are choosing not only a home but also a real community in every sense of that word. 

The History of the Adams Morgan Area

Adams Morgan sits in an area outside of the initial planning of Washington DC. Once Washington began expanding in the late 1800s, streetcar lines came to the community. That accessibility helped the neighborhood develop into a thriving, tightly knit upper-middle-class community.  In those early days, locals called the area “Lanier Heights.”

There, homeowners purchased elegant brick townhomes. Many of those same buildings still stand today. Unfortunately, the neighborhood fell into neglect in the middle of the 20th century. The middle-class homeowners left for the newer, more affluent suburbs in Maryland to the north and Virginia to the east. 

In the late 1950s, the city renamed the community after the two local elementary schools. Those schools were John Quincy Adams and Thomas P. Morgan primary schools. The community sported a new name, but it was still twenty years or more before its renaissance would occur.

Adams Morgan Today

Even in the 1970 and early 1980s, Adams Morgan was not the vibrant place that it is today. The affordably priced housing had drawn in a new group of residents—a new wave of hard-working immigrants who were chasing the American dream. 

These new arrivals worked hard, saved their money, and sought affordable housing—which they found in Adams Morgan. 

The renaissance was poised, and the area reemerged from the mid-1980s on an upswing. And, those immigrants? Their stamp is indelibly left on the neighborhood. It’s one of the only communities where you can find an Ethiopian restaurant across the street from a Falafel shop and down the block from a Japanese noodle house.

That multicultural shift gives the community a unique, worldly vibe that is authentic—and will rarely be duplicated!

The Architecture

As mentioned, many of those original brick townhomes remain today. They are now updated. Although some remain private homes, many others are quaint local stores, boutiques, coffee shops, art galleries, and fitness studios. 

And, many today flaunt colorful hues like bright pink, mint green, yellow, or aqua. The paint colors distinguish one unit from the next and give the buildings a look as diverse as the population who lives, works, and shops in the Adams Morgan community each day.

Restaurants and Night Life

Adams Morgan occupies a relatively small amount of space, covering only 301 acres. But in that space are over 100 restaurants, most of them small spots featuring diverse menus and ethnic cuisines. 

At the heart of its small footprint is 18th Street NW. This historic area is where locals find not only many dining options but several trendy watering holes. Here, you can enjoy flights of fine bourbons, wine tastings, and crafted cocktails into the wee hours of the morning. 

Living in Adams Morgan

You might be thinking that there’s a lot of entertainment to be had, and there is. However, Adams Morgan is also a wonderful, livable neighborhood. You’ll find chain grocery stores, office supply stores, and fitness centers throughout the little community. 

As far as housing options go, you won’t be likely to find a detached single family home. Instead, you’ll find townhomes and condos reign supreme. 

For those who choose this area, the trade off of having a smaller home more than makes up for living the dream of homeownership in Adams Morgan.

Final Thoughts: House Hunting in Adams Morgan

The revitalization of the Adams Morgan neighborhood has brought with it demand and increased home value. Of course, that desirability translates into a higher ticket price. 

So, before you begin shopping for a home in Adams Morgan, engage the services of a real estate pro who has specific knowledge of the area. That knowledge of the market is what will help you obtain the house you desire.

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