046_2312_GLADE_BANK_WAY_286977_511913Using a good real estate agent could be your best advantage to getting your dream home for the right price. While there are many realtors, few are good ones and there are even less that consistently deliver the best results for buyers. Glass House buyers typically receive a 3% discount on the original list price of homes.  Quick math, 3% of $1,000,000 is $30,0000. That is a significant savings. Here is how we deliver these results for our buyers. 

How We Deliver Results for Our Buyers

    • Our reputation Glass House has an excellent industry reputation.  We have worked with most listing agents. These agents know that Glass House buyers are serious and qualified with a local lender
    • Relentless comp research We only advise on offers after we have extensively researched comps. If a Glass House client makes a lower than expected offer, we back that offer up with comps so that we drive the conversation. You would be shocked at how many listing agents allow the buyer side to drive the negotiation because it is less work for them. Their loss is our gain.  We look for every opportunity to add value and save money for our clients.
    • Relentless agent research We know how many homes a listing agent has sold. We know their average days on the market. We know if their strategy is to price high and come down over time, or to price competitively and potentially expect multiple offers. We out-strategize their strategy to make a Glass House offer the most competitive for our clients. 
    • Personally connect with sellers We look for every opportunity to connect with sellers. We start the conversation with the listing agents by asking about their sellers. Why they are selling? What do they want in an offer? By knowing what is driving the seller, our clients are able to make a powerful offer that will entice the seller. In competitive negotiations, we also encourage our buyers to write a personal letter to the seller and we constantly follow up with the listing agent.
    • Discover favorable terms Often sellers are willing to take a lower offer because there are other advantageous terms in the offer. When our buyers have flexibility we use that to our advantage.  For example we can offer a seller a rent back, a quick close, or a long close. There are many terms that we can negotiate beyond price to add value to an offer. 
    • Negotiation home inspection A home inspection can be as challenging, if not more, than the initial offer. This is where having significant experience reading, understanding, and knowing the cost of repairs plays to our advantage. We have this experience! We want to ensure a safe and sound home for our client, and use the home inspection as an opportunity to look out for their best interest. 

Year over year Glass House delivers more to its buyers than traditional real estate firms and far beyond that of discount firms. By negotiating the best deals for our clients in the beginning, we empower them to reach more of their financial goals and realize their real estate dreams.

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Khalil El-Ghoul

"Thanks for reading! I’m passionate about empowering home buyers and sellers with professional advice and unbiased information, throughout the real estate transaction. Unlike most agents, I always put clients first. When it comes to negotiating, marketing homes, and sealing the deal, I’ve got the experience and knowledge you’re looking for. If you have any questions about moving to VA, D.C., or MD, don’t hesitate to reach out."