Excited couple jumping after buying a house.jpegStarting your search for a new home takes some preparation in order to ensure you don't waste any time. Make sure that you are looking at home that will be a right fit for your family by asking yourself some (and your family) what you really want in a new home. Use the 27 questions and action items below as a checklist to prepare yourself and identify the best plan before you begin house hunting.

*For each question, rate your preferences from 0-3 (0 being unimportant and 3 being vital).

27 Questions To Define Your Dream Home

  1. Identify your neighborhood preferences
  2. Identify your school district preferences
  3. Should your home be near public transportation?
  4. Do you want your home to be close by to an airport?
  5. What nearby shopping is important to you?
  6. Should your home be close to an expressway?
  7. Do you want a home with great views?
  8. Are you in need of a single family home, a condo or a townhome?
  9. What's the maximum property age of the home you'd want to live in?
  10. How willing are you to renovate?
  11. What architectural style do your prefer?
  12. Would you like an open floor plan?
  13. Minimum number of bedrooms?
  14. Minimum number of bathrooms?
  15. Are you looking for an eat-in kitchen?
  16. Does the home need to include a formal dining room?
  17. Do you need to have a formal living room?
  18. Do you need a garage? If so, how many cars?
  19. What size outdoor space?
  20. What will you use your outdoor space for?
  21. Does the home need to have a laundry room?
  22. Wood floors or carpeting in main rooms?
  23. Wood floors or carpeting in bedrooms?
  24. Preferred heating/cooling system types?
  25. Does the home need a fireplace?
  26. Would you like a home that has a pool? Above or in-ground?
  27. Are there any other special needs or preferences? 

*Take a picture of this image on your phone and take it with you while house hunting! Use it to remember what's important to you and narrow down your search. *

Define Your Dream Home Checklist.png


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