A Better Alternative to Redfin


"When it comes to negotiations, [Glass House agents are] absolutely great! We bought the house that we wanted at the price that we wanted."

Paola Bolzan, Home Buyer

Why Glass House is a Better Alternative to Redfin

We know that you have choices when choosing a real estate rebate agent who will give you a rebate. People often call us and ask how we are different from and why we are a better alternative to Redfin; the answer is pretty straightforward: we save you a lot more money.

The main difference between Glass House and Redfin is that our rebate is usually up to 1.5% of the sales price and Redfin’s rebate is usually .5% of the sales price.

Here is how Glass House Real Estate compares to Redfin:

Service Glass House Real Estate Redfin
How many agents will I work with? You will work with same two Realtor's throughout the entire transaction. Often times only 1 full time broker.  You may work with a Field Agent, Lead Agent, Main Agent, and Transaction Agent
How do offers Work? Work directly with your Realtor to craft a competitive offer. According to their website, Redfin encourages you to start online offers on your own.
What’s the minimum fee? Our minimum fee is $6,500. Their minimum fee is $6,500.
How much is your rebate on a $500,000 home?* Glass House rebate is $7,500* Redfin rebate as of 5/21/2019 on a home listed at $499,900 was $1,654.
Agent Experience At least 50 transactions At least 20 transactions

*Based on a 3% commission.

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